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Knit Repairs

Was your favorite sweater attacked by moths?  Is that boxy sweater a little too boxy? Do you have a newly knitted item that needs blocking?

I can repair holes and alter knit items so you can wear them with pride.

Call (510) 499 -8358 or email to schedule a free estimate. Bring everything you would like me to look at and I will explain what I can do. If I can’t fix your item I will refer someone who can.

Estimates depend on the project, but here is a summary of what to expect:

  • $20 – $40 Small moth holes and snags in machine knit wool/cashmere. These repairs can be nearly invisible, and I’m happy to repair multiple holes in more than one garment at a very good rate.

  • $40-60 Larger holes and small holes in cotton and other smooth materials are the more likely to unravel. Be aware that these are nearly impossible to repair invisibly.

  • $40-$60 Tailor machine knit wool sweaters, dresses or skirts to fit your waist or narrow sleeves. Blocking hand knit lace shawls also fall into this price range.

  • $60-$100 Alter shoulders or change armholes. The closer the desired fit, and the lighter and smoother the fabric, the more skill and precision is required and the more expensive the repair will be.