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Knit Repairs

Was your favorite sweater attacked by moths? Is that boxy sweater a little too boxy? Do you have a newly knitted item that needs blocking?

I can repair holes and alter knit items so you can wear them with pride.

Call 510.499.8358 or email to schedule a free estimate. Bring anything you would like fixed or altered, and I will share what I can do. If I can’t fix your item I will refer someone who can.

Estimates depend on the project, but here is a summary of what to expect:

  • $20 for a single hole of any size that can be seamed shut.
  • $40 Up to five holes that are smaller than a dime in a single knit item. I offer special rates for multiple items.
  • $30-$50 for holes that must be reknit or patched, depending on size.
  • $50-$70 Alter machine knit items for a better fit.

I will use my 25 years of experience as a knitter and seamstress to figure out a solution to your garment issues.